2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ASL 36100 - The Structure Of American Sign Language I: Phonology And Morphology

Prerequisite(s): ASL 20200 FOR LEVEL UG WITH MIN. GRADE OF D-

Credit Hours: 3.00. Linguistic study of ASL, including the following: phonological features of individual signs (hand shape, orientation, location, movement) and how those features shift when placed in a stream of signs; morphological features of signs, including compounding and lexicalization of fingerspelled words; grammar, focusing on typical word orders found in ASL sentences; meaning of signs and how those meanings have shifted over time (as well as how those meanings shift for particular dialects); and typical pragmatic features of conversation in ASL. Knowledge of ASL is required. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

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