2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Nov 25, 2020  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Industrial Robotics Minor

Additional Information

Note 1: This minor is open for any Purdue University Northwest student to take, given that all prerequisite coursework2 (or equivalent) is satisfied.  Students pursuing Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology programs have all prerequisite courses built into their existing programs of study and the five (5) major courses listed for the minor are either required or can be taken as the program electives allowing students in these three majors to achieve this minor taking only 120 credit hours.

Note 2: Additional prerequisite courses include:

  • For students taking ECET 26200, prerequisites ECET 10201, MA 14800, MA 14700 are required
  • For students taking MET 38200, prerequisites PHYS 22100, MA 10619, MA 14800, MA 14700 are required
  • For students taking MET 42000, prerequisites MET 21501, MET 21300, MET 21100, MET 11800 are required

Note 3: “ECET 49900 Electrical Engineering Technology” is a variable titled course that will be allowed toward the Industrial Robotics minor when offered as title “Applied Electronic Drives.”