2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Physical Sciences, Forensic Science, BS

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Students are taught how to analyze crime scenes, perform ballistic and fingerprint comparisons, and learn how to maintain a proper chain of evidence and testify in a courtroom, in order to support modern criminal investigations.

Degree Requirements

PNW General Education Core (33 Credits Minimum)

English Composition (6 Credits)

Any General Education English Composition

Speech Communication (3 Credits)

Any General Education Speech Communication

Technology (3 Credits)

Select from the Technology Core list

Humanities (3 Credits)

Social Sciences (3 Credits)

Additional Credits (3 Credits)

Any Gen Ed approved course

First-Year Experience (FYE) (1 Credit)

Other Required Courses (24 Credits)

CES Elective (3 Credits)

ASTR (any course); BIOL (any course excluding BIOL 10008 , 10010, and BIOL 10700 ); CHM (any course 20000 or higher); CE (any course); CS (any course excluding CS 10000 ); EAS (any course): ECE (any course): ENGR (any course excluding 11000, ENGR 18600 ); FIS (any course); MSE (any course); MA (any course 20000 or higher excluding MA 23700 , MA 23800 , and MA 23900 ); ME (any course); PHYS (any course 20000 or higher); STAT (any course 20000 or higher); and SCI, any course from the following:

Restricted Electives (12 Credits)

Choose (4): CHM (any course excluding CHM 10000 , CHM 11100 , CHM 11200 , and CHM 19400 ), PHYS (any course 20000 or higher), or forensics oriented SCI course. See program advisor for a list of available courses.

Free Electives (9 Credits)

Choose (3) free electives.

Total 120 Credits Required

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