2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, Health Sciences, BS

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Provides students with a knowledge base in order to advance to the health science professional program of their choice.

Degree Requirements

PNW General Education Core (30 Credits Minimum)

Other Required Courses (27 Credits)

Health Sciences Electives (9 Credits)

Maximum 3 credits of Health Sciences related independent study/research/ internship can be used to fulfill the minimum 12 credit elective requirement. BIOL 34200  and BIOL 33000  cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. Choose 3:

EXL Elective (1 Credit)

(no minimum credit requirement)

Two Experiential Learning (E X L) units are required for graduation. Experiential Learning courses ranges from 0 to 3 credits. ENGL 10500  can be used for this requirement. BIOL 34200  Biological Sciences Practicum (Health sciences related experience) is highly recommended. BIOL 48900  Biological Sciences Research and ENGL 41101  Introduction to Writing in the Health Sciences are also recommended. Any other E X L courses are acceptable.

Humanities/Social Sciences Electives (6 Credits)

Select (2) Humanities/Social Sciences Electives. Gen Ed requires a 3.0 credit Humanities and a 3.0 credit Social Science course. It is important that these be chosen from the approved Gen Ed course list. This degree also requires 9.0 credits of additional electives from these two subject areas that are not required to be chosen from the Gen Ed list. Some professional schools have specific Humanities and Social Sciences course requirements for admission. Please select (2) recommended courses accordingly to fulfill this requirement or choose any courses of interest. Humanities Elective: Department of Biological Sciences accepts Humanity Elective courses with the following course subject codes: AD, COM, ENGL, ETHN, FLL, HIST, LAS, MUS, PHIL, WOST, and THTR. (Six credit hours of foreign languages may also be used to fulfill the requirement.) Social Sciences Elective: CDFS 21000 and PSY 35000  are recommended. The Department accepts Social Sciences Elective courses with the following subject code: ANTH, BHS, CDFS, COM, ECON, MGMT, POL, PSY, SOC, & WOST.

Free Electives (11 Credits)

Any (4) courses from the PNW curriculum are acceptable, students must complete at least two elective courses at the 30000 level or higher.

Total 120 Credits Required

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