2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2018  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

Biological Sciences, BS, Concentration: Ecology & Evolution

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The Ecology & Evolution concentration prepares students for a career in a broad range of areas. After receiving a bachelor degree with the ecology & evolution option, a graduate may work as an environmental field technician for private consulting firms, academic institutions, government agencies or non-profit organizations.  This program also lends itself to work as a lab technician in a variety of fields including environmental testing, basic research, ecosystem assessment, and wildlife management.

Degree Requirements

PNW General Education Core (30 Credits Minimum)

Speech Communication (3 Credits)

Quantitative Reasoning (3 Credits)

Natural Sciences (4 Credits)

Humanities (3 Credits)

Select from the Humanities Core list

Social Sciences (3 Credits)

Select from the Social Sciences Core list

Additional Credits (4 Credits)

First-Year Experience (FYE) (1 Credit)

Concentration Required Courses (7 Credits)

Other Required Courses (51 Credits)

Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science (6 credits)

Humanities/Social Sciences Electives (9 Credits)

Gen Ed requires a 3.0 credit Humanities and a 3.0 credit Social Science course. It is important that these be chosen from the approved Gen Ed course list. This degree also requires 9.0 credits of additional electives from these two subject areas that are not required to be chosen from the Gen Ed list. Some professional schools have specific Humanities and Social Sciences course requirements for admission. Please select (3) recommended courses accordingly to fulfill this requirement or choose any courses of interest.  (Six credit hours of foreign languages may also be used to fulfill the requirement.)

Free Electives (17 Credits)

Any (5) courses from the PNW curriculum are acceptable, students must complete at least two elective courses at the 30000 level or higher.

Concentration Elective Courses (15 Credits)

  • Choose 9 credits from Group A, 3 credits from Group B, and an additional 3 credits from either group.
  • Maximum 3 credits of independent study/research/internship/practicum can be used to fulfill the minimum 12 credit elective requirement.  Additional credits from this group can be used as free electives.
  • Availability of elective courses in a particular semester may change. Please consult your advisor or check the biology website for current availability of elective courses.

Total 120 Credits Required

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