2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 26, 2022  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechatronics Engineering Technology, BS

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About the Program

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The mission of the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program is to provide career educational opportunities to students who have a hands-on aptitude and are oriented towards applications. The program is a Synergistic integration of Mechanical systems, Electrical and Electronic systems, Controls, Hydraulics, High Speed Automation, Robotics, Networking, and Computer Systems utilized in modern industry, including Industry 4.0. The program has a strong affiliation with the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Industrial collaboration and internship reinforces course work and provides real world experience, an invaluable credential sought by industry. Students will complete a Senior Design Project, which is a one-year capstone individual/team project that provides the opportunity to pursue an idea from conception to design, then execute into a demonstrable project.

By participating nationally competed student clubs, student are able to strengthen project management skills and team work.

First year students may participate in a unique program for technical skill development called Discipline Specific Skill Acquisition (DSSA). DSSA will develop an unskilled student into a trained person, with marketable multi-disciplinary skills, in just one year! In addition, you can receive college credits after successful completion of the program and skill badges. The Mechatronics Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc. http://www.abet.org. This ensures that the program is independently reviewed and meets the quality expectation for that profession.

Degree Requirements

  • 120 Credit Hours
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 required for graduation
  • Certain courses may only be available at one campus location

PNW General Education Core (30 Credits Minimum)

Other Required Courses (6 Credits)

Total 120 Credits Required

Degree Map


Minimum Grade and Grade Point Average (GPA):  2.0 GPA

Experiential Learning (EL):  One EL course required.  EL courses are noted by (e) next to the course title.

General Education Core:  General Education notations can be found within the course description.  Please click on a course to see if it meets a Gen Ed requirement.

Milestone Courses noted by (m) next to the course title have been identified as being critical to your success in this field of study. 

Courses that are only offered on one campus will be noted by an (H) for Hammond, or (W) for Westville.

Please see the Additional Information and Guidelines section below for more information.

Semester 8 (15 Credits)

Additional Information and Guidelines

Note 1:  General Education requires 30 core credits. The Mechatronics ET curriculum has 30.

Note 2:  Humanities or Social Science -  Approved AD Art and Design; COM Communication; ENGL English; FR French; GR German; HIST History; JPNS Japanese; MUS Music; OLS 16300 Fundamentals of Self Leadership; or PHIL Philosophy; SPAN Spanish; ANTH Anthropology; ECON Economics; ETHN Ethnic Studies; GEOG Geography; OLS Organizational Leadership and Supervision; POL Political Science; PSY Psychology; SOC Sociology; WOST Women’s Studies One approved Humanities and one approved Social Science course must be taken to satisfy the respective General Education Core requirements.

Note 3:  Concentration Selective - Choose 2 of the following: MET 10101 Introduction To Parametric Modeling, MET10200 Production Design And Specifications; MET 30500 CAD with Applications; MET 31300 Fluid Mechanics; MET 31500 Mechanism Kinematics; MET 32500 Thermodynamics; MET 32900 Heat Transfer; MET 42100 HVAC; Design & Mfg (E X L); ECET 15401 Electronic Components And Circuits; ECET 15901 Digital Circuits And Applications; ECET 21000 Struct C++ for EM Syst; ECET 31201 Power Electronics Fundamentals; ECET 45600 Computer Hardware Design; IET 37801 Quality Systems And Improvement; or other course approved by advisor.

Note 4:  ABET requires 40 credits of non-MET, MCET, IET, ECET CMET, CGT, ET, or ITS (non-technology) courses. The Mechatronics ET curriculum has 41347


The 8 semester plan of study is a recommended sequence of classes designed to show how this program can be completed within four years.

Visit the 15 to Finish website for information and resources.

For career information, click here to visit the Careers and Employment Trends page.

For Financial Aid eligibility, click here. Annual FAFSA filing deadline is March 10. Financial Aid recipients are required to complete 30 credits per calendar year to stay eligible for the standard financial aid award.

Financial Guarantee: If you follow the degree map and find a course unavailable, you may be able to take the course for free in a future semester.  Certain exclusions apply. 

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